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Contingent Workforce Scheme

The Contingent Workforce Scheme is for the provision of Contingent Labour to NSW Government Agencies and is intended to be used when the temporary engagement of contingent labour is required.


  • Contingent Worker refers to a person who works on a temporary basis for IPART and is employed by a Supplier that has been admitted to the scheme. A Contingent Worker is a resource working onsite under the direction of a supervisor. The terms of the service provided by the Contingent Workforce scheme staff member may change, offering flexibility in delivery of services.

More information is the NSW Procurepoint website at  https://www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au/policy-and-reform/goods-and-services/procurement-consultancy-services

Before engaging personnel through the Contingent Workforce prequalification scheme, check with the Procurement Manager for the approval process.

Information about job categories and descriptions is available on the ProcurePoint website, Contingent Workforce. Agencies can invite and assess supplier proposals by contacting their Preferred Suppliers directly. PART engages contingent workforce services in a number of circumstances:

Where a Supplier is not on the PMSS or the CWS

(including GST)

(including GST)

(including GST)