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Government Schemes & Contracts

PMS Scheme & EARL Guide

The PMSS covers the sourcing of professional and technical consultancy services by IPART including, but not limited to, Industry Teams sourcing consultants to undertake their core functions and s9 Reviews, or Support Service teams sourcing consultants for projects to set up software systems, or Internal Audit sourcing auditors.

The exceptions to this are:

  • Procurement of ICT Services (see Use of ICT Scheme)
  • Audit services for licensees under the water and ESS regimes. Where consultant on these Panels are utilised by IPART in any non-audit capacity, this Scheme applies.

Two Agreements are linked with the PMSS:

  • Fully prequalified scheme: Standard form of Agreement (PMSS Agreement)
  • Easy Access Registration List (EARL) which is an agreement for engagement with consults that are valued up to $50,000 (including GST)

The Easy Access Registration List (EARL) enables suppliers to register as EARL Service Providers for the provision of Performance and Management Services to NSW Government Agencies (Agencies). EARL Service Providers are not required to submit referee reports during the application process.