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Consultant not on a Whole of Government Scheme or Contract


  1. Download the Business Case Template.
  2. Outline why you are recommending IPART use the services of a consultant that is outside the PMSS Scheme.
  1. Procurement Manager must approve the approach
  2. If the supplier is not registered on the PMSS scheme there is the discretion to use the IPART Consultancy Agreement.
    • Advice must also be sought from IPART Legal as to whether IPART’s Consultancy Agreement can be used.
  3. Approval by the responsible Executive Director must be obtained via the submission of your Business Case and prior to any quote being obtained from the Supplier.

Note – Procurements not on Whole of Government Contact limitation – the total value of the requirement cannot exceed $30,000 (including GST).


  1. Obtain a written quote from the Supplier  – less than $30k then obtain one written quote, or $30k to $1m obtain at a minimum three written quotes
  2. Attach IPART’s consultancy agreement (contact Legal Services)

Evaluate submission in terms of Value for Money for IPART (for instance compare quoted rates against similarly qualified consultants and capabilities)

Commencement of Contract can only take place after the responsible Executive Director has:

  1. Approved the recommendation made after the an assessment of the quote(s).
  2. Legal has approved the IPART Contract.
  3. The relevant contract has been signed.
  4. The supplier is active on IPARTs Vendor Master File.
  5. A Purchase Requisition has been submitted to IPART Finance and a Purchase Order (PO) and PO number has been issued to the Supplier.


  1. Complete the Contracts Register.
  2. Over $150,000 see Public Disclosure Requirements.

Report on the performance of the Contract,

  1. Assess performance, lessons learnt.
  2. Contract Closure Report/Evaluation.
  3. Create Business Case for Flow-on Arrangement.