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Value up to $50,000


  1. Download the Business Case Template.
  2. Preliminary investigation as who are the key suppliers that will deliver your requirement.
  3. Review of the NSW Government Contract and Prequalification Schemes.

Approval by the responsible Executive Director must be obtained via the submission of your Business Case and prior to any quote being obtained.


Seek a quote:

  • Obtain ONE written quote from either a Supplier on the Easy Access Registration List (EARL) or the Fully Qualified Supplier List via the eQuote Portal.
  • If the total expected contract value is
  1. Selection criteria and weightings must be pre-approved in the Business Case by the Executive Director (A) prior to any quotes being sought from suppliers
    1. If one quote is being sought a Selection Panel is not required.
    2. If more than one than one quote is being sought you must convene a Selection Panel of a minimum of two people and ensure:
      1. That each person declares that that they have no conflict of interest prior to reviewing the quotes
      2. As the Executive Director approves the need for the Requirement the Executive Director cannot sit on the Selection Panel
      3. A person independent of the team wanting the requirement should sit on the Selection Panel (B)
  2. Evaluate submissions or negotiations and complete Recommendation Report for approval

Commencement of Contract can only take place after the responsible Executive Director has:

  1. Approved the recommendation made after the an assessment of the quote(s).
  2. The relevant contract has been signed.
  3. The supplier is active on IPARTs Vendor Master File.
  4. A Purchase Requisition has been submitted to IPART Finance and a Purchase Order (PO) and PO number has been issued to the Supplier


  1. Complete the contracts register ($30k and over) NSW Government ($150k and over).
  2. Disclosure template for $150,000 and over.

Oversite during the life of the contract, including supplier performance (monitoring milestones, KPI reporting) relationship management (payments, meetings etc.).

  1. Assess performance, lessons learnt.
  2. Contract Closure Report.
  3. Create Business Case for Flow on Enagagements.