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Procurement is the process of acquiring and managing resources (services, materials, and facilities) from a supplier.

The Intranet service has been deployed to assist Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) staff involved in procurement related activities to ensure the consistent application of procurement processes that are also fully aligned with the prevailing NSW Government procurement policy.

The NSW Government procurement process has three distinct steps that includes the following:

  • PLAN – the identification of a ‘Requirement’ and supporting ‘Business Case’
  • SOURCE – approach to the market using a strategic sourcing approach, and
  • MANAGE – purchasing and transaction arrangements, contract management, disposal/decommissioning of goods and/or services.


Following these three steps will ensure that IPART consistently achieves “value-for-money” for the NSW Government and the people of NSW.

The following definitions are used throughout the manual:

  • Requirement – this defines a need that is required to aid and support IPARTs operation whether it be a product and/or a service.
  • Procurement – this is the process (defined above) that engages the supply market to deliver the Requirement to IPART

For procurement to operate effectively and efficiently, it is important that individual responsibilities with respect to the procurement of goods and services in support of IPART’s operation are fully understood by IPART staff.

The Procurement Manual applies to all IPART staff employed under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013, who undertakes procurement activities in support of IPART’s operational needs.

  • Only those approved by IPART may commit IPART funds to purchase goods and/or services or enter into an agreement (contract) with a supplier to purchase goods or services.
  • IPART Staff and approved Contractors, Consultants or Contingent Labour will utilise suppliers from the NSW Government approved Schemes and Whole of Government contracts to procure goods or services.
  • From time-to-time there may be exceptions to this preference.

IPART Procurement will ensure and monitor that:

  • Procurement practices and processes are in compliance with IPART’s policy, applicable NSW government legislation and any laws and regulations governing the purchase of goods, services and the effective management of all competitive bidding events
  • Accepted business practices, high standards of probity and ethical conduct is maintained and adhered to at all times
  • Acquisitions that are made via IPART are via approved methods of purchasing and provide for the necessary controls and accountability expected by IPART and the NSW Government
  • Purchase Requests created for goods and services are handled expeditiously, observing the need to meet the requirements of the IPART internal stakeholders, and
  • Goods and services are received, managed and accounted for in a timely and accurate manner.