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A PCard is a credit card type facility which allows specific IPART staff within their delegated authority to procure low value goods or services directly from suppliers. The PCards are issued by Westpac and be a Visa Card. They will bear the staff member’s names, the entity name and will be distinguishable from a personal credit card.

  • All purchases are to 100% business related and up to a value of $3,000.
  • Items which do not need a Purchase Order raised.
  • Emergency purchases such as:
    • To protect life and property and prevent injury and harm.
    • Prevent substantial economic loss.
    • Prevent interruption of essential service.

An unusual deadline that cannot be resolved by using the usual and approved procurement procedures

  • Procurement catalogued items.
  • Any personal related expenses.
  • Supplier does not have an ABN.
  • Cash Advances.
  • Expenditure which exceeds user usual financial delegation.

In the first instance, key purchasing areas will be identified in consultation with senior management and PCards will be distributed accordingly. Should a staff member deem a PCard to be beneficial to their role, they will need to direct the matter to a point of contact within their organisation, who shall then review the request and escalate to the PCard support team.

Upon card application, your personal details will be provided to the PCard support team who will create an account for the EMS (EMS is a web-based application). The website will provide you with a training session.

If your employment with IPART is terminated you are to immediately return the card to your supervisor. They will then destroy the card and advise Westpac to cancel the card. Outstanding transactions will be diverted to another user for them to reconcile after leaving IPART.

You must immediately notify Westpac regardless of the time and day and lodge the event. You must also contact your supervisor and the PCard support team. Once you have been issued with a new PCard you must then notify the PCard support team who will then adjust your profile accordingly.

This depends on the type of purchase. The budget will be allocated to the appropriate cost centre. The funds for any PCard purchase are allocated within the budget set out for that cost centre. There is no separate budget for PCard transactions.

Depending on the nature of your query you should initially raise your concern with the point of contact allocated in your business unit. They will evaluate the query. Should you need further assistance you should contact the PCard support team via email: [email protected]

Get the supplier to refund the card – if the transaction has been posted to the General Ledger in SAP and you were unable to mark as a dispute then code the credit in the EMS to the same Account, Cost Centre and Entity as the original transaction. This will ensure that the credit is posted to the correct amount within SAP.

This may arise as a result of a mixed supply calculation and it only happens when submitting a brand new expense. You will have to unattach the expenses from the transaction and then resubmit or manually recode the transactions to have a single line for the GST amount and another line for the non-GST amount.