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Procurement Process

The following table details at a high level the steps in Procurement Project and is a guide for IPART Staff. The process detailed below is based on the NSW Procurement Board recommended process and its three key stage.

Procurement Plan


Before you start a procurement project please make sure you read the following:

  • The approved IPART Procurement Process is to be applied by all employees (including contingent labour) and any consultants engaged by an employee of IPART and authorised to conduct procurement on behalf of IPART.


  • IPART must use Whole of Government Contractual agreements that will provide the required goods or services.
  • The Total Contract Value (including all extensions) cannot be split into separate low price components to avoid undertaking the appropriate process.
  • Where procurement is deemed eligible for an exception to the approved Procurement Process the Stakeholder is to prepare a Memorandum requesting an exemption. The Memorandum is to be approved by the Procurement Manager.
  • No procurement is to be undertaken until the required commitment of funds has been obtained.
  • The ICT Scheme cannot be used for Hardware (use Agreement 888), Supply of Imaging Services (use Agreement 2390), Radio Communications (use Agreement ITS 2573), Supply of Software Licenses for SAP, Oracle, Objective (use Agreements 607 and/or 2601).

Each of the steps is detailed below as a guide for IPART staff seeking to source a service and/or a product from the supply market.